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IFM focuses on projects in top locations in which we generate significant value appreciation and where we can expect a sustainable interest of investors and tenants. The last few years have shown that difficult market periods have had a below-average effect on these locations. At the same time, these locations have benefited disproportionately from rent and price increases during positive market cycles. We are convinced that we will continue IFM's successful development in 2012, provided we continue to let our investments be guided by this knowledge.

IFM News

09.01.2018 - Pressemitteilungen

Vorstandsvorsitzwechsel mit Zukunftsplan bei der IFM Immobilien AG

Nach über fünf Jahren verlässt der Vorstandsvorsitzende, Volker de Boer (68), das Unternehmen zum 31. März 2018 und übergibt den Vorstandsvorsitz planmäßig an seinen Vorstandskollegen Thomas Schulze Wischeler (36), der an der Seite von Herrn de Boer als COO das operative Geschäft verantwortet.


Over the past years, IFM Immobilien AG has established a profitable and sound portfolio of commercial properties focusing on office complexes and retail properties in downtown locations.


Development projects – which form the core of IFM‘s business operations – have produced value appreciation on a number of these properties, some of which has already been monetarized by selling the properties in question.


Innovative letting concepts ensure that public perception of the redeveloped properties changes. Thanks to positive repositioning, existing tenants identify more strongly with the property, while prospective tenants feel more drawn to it.