IFM invests in both new structures and existing properties that offer attractive risk-opportunity profiles. In this way the Company creates potential "landmarks" that it keeps in its portfolio for an extended period to generate rental income, before selling them. Another target is properties the Company can invest in as special opportunities. These properties are intended for sale shortly after the necessary work has been performed. In deciding on an investment and identifying suitable properties, IFM systematically applies its years of experience and established networks in the regional real estate markets.

Group Structure

IFM Immobilien AG, in its role as group parent company of IFM, is responsible for the strategic control of the group, and acquires equity interests in project companies that own real estate or else were set up for the purpose of realising specific real estate projects.

In its revitalization work, IFM draws on the following core competencies:


IFM makes structural changes in properties ? even to the point of internal reconstruction ? and in the process combines high-quality appointments with contemporary, attractive architectural design.


IFM develops new use concepts, improves tenant structures, and reduces vacancies.


IFM transforms a property into a brand by creating individualized rental and marketing concepts. This allows the properties to be let out faster and more accurately for their target groups.

Additionally, IFM offers its recognized know-how and many years of experience in project development to other companies through joint ventures, and is thus able to generate additional growth. IFM Immoblien AG, as the parent company,  serves as the operations platform for all properties. IFM's asset management operations ensure professional handling of existing properties and portfolios. This allows the Group to generate added value through optimized management of its property portfolio, professionalized focusing of the portfolio, and sales at optimized value.